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  • This ROM is a must-try for those POCO F1 users who prefer a similar Stock Android Experience.
  • Many people are impressed with this firmware since it’s a very beginner-friendly firmware choice.
  • If you have been following the Android aftermarket development scene for a while, you must have heard of custom ROMs.
  • A cheapo ROM reborn out of PearlOS, complete with a default flashing guide that matches its toylike feel.

It features WAIFUCLOCK which is based on the Substratum theme and delivers an elegant lock screen experience that you won’t find on any other ROM. The best part is that it also offers timely updates and bugs are fixed routinely. As for device support, from Xiaomi to OnePlus, Nokia, and Nothing, almost all the OEMs are supported. Simply put, Project Elixir is one of the best Android 13 custom ROMs in town right now and you should not miss it. Since MIUI has tremendous stock ROM customization options, it results in high battery usage. Another best thing about MIUI is its software and security updates.

However, it’s fine to assume Reloaded is dead as there are no further up-to-date official and/or stable builds. A former featurefest ROM in the Pie era & the first microG-compatible ROM I’ve ever used.

best rom stock roms

Creality firmware can be quite basic compared to the Jyers firmware. Marlin has some cool optimization features, one of which is the Meatpack plugin which compresses G-Code by around 50% as it is sent to the printer. A list of firmware will be displayed on the screen along with a changelog. Download the Firmware Finder tool from the above-provided link and extract the same into a folder.

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